Let me introduce myself...

Thank you for visiting my website - a place where you will learn more about me and be intrigued by what you see!  The catalyst for its creation was me being laid off in October 2014 after my company lost their government contract leading to its dissolution which affected 3,000 employees.  As such, I am actively seeking my next opportunity to work in tandem with a team to reach their next level of performance and empowerment!

Prior to building the site, I researched the phenomenon of personal websites and most belong to professionals who have "things" to showcase (designers, photographers, artists).  However, many personal website owners do not belong to "people professionals" like myself who have a lot to offer but find it difficult to upload our "work".

You do not need to look very far to find evidence which supports having refined "soft" skills is much more important than someone's IQ when it comes to being a great leader.  High Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is a better predictor of success, quality of relationships, and overall happiness. 

As a leader for nearly a decade in a multibillion-dollar organization leading teams spread across multiple states with constant change, saying I relied on my EQ often would be an understatement.  Because of these experiences, I was able to enhance my skills which led to better employee retention, higher productivity, and a sense of ownership and pride amongst my teams - mutually beneficial results for employees and organizations!

I hope you will arrive at the conclusion that while soft skills are difficult to "upload", they are characteristics of my leadership style as evidenced by my professional accomplishments and the testimonials of supervisors, subordinates, and colleagues. 

And contrary to some "experts" who say you should not include personal information about yourself in professional forums, I am bucking that advice and including a Cliffs Notes version. 

  • Very happily married to my wife of nearly 10 years, Michelle 
  • Two children, Parker (5) and Audrey (2.5)
  • Live in the Kempsville area of Virginia Beach
  • Enjoy time with my family, yard work, golfing, playing the piano, researching my ancestry and reading

Thanks again!