How I Achieved...

Organization-leading employee retention of 90%+ multiple years in a row:

  • Created an employee development program for high performers
  • Developed training for employees who were struggling in areas in which a need was identified
  • Coordinated ongoing volunteer opportunities allowing employees to serve in leadership roles
  • Created and implemented training program and bi-annual leadership sessions for front-line leaders
  • Designed, initiated employee forum, representatives met monthly to discuss their concerns, questions and ideas - (implemented nationally)
  • Created and published monthly/quarterly newsletters for employees
  • Random employee phone calls to simply check in
  • Created quarterly breakfasts/lunches for employees ("Drive Thru Lunch" and "Good Morning, Investigators") where leaders cooked for employees
  • Devised and drafted company's "New Hire Commitment" as a pledge to all new hires and their expectations of leadership
  • Kept employees informed regularly and openly regarding all matters pertaining to the organization, customers and owners

Superior customer satisfaction:

  • Ensured all employees were kept aware of their Key Performance Indicators and provided appropriate accountability
  • Communicated regularly with all customers to enhance the final product and discuss modifications with staff accordingly
  • Effectively drove performance of key customer objectives leading to better quality, production and timeliness
  • Worked closely and in conjunction with operations team to identify ways in which processes could be streamlined or removed
  • Recognized front line leaders and employees had ideas and solutions to problems, expected them to be voiced and worked out
  • Responsive and receptive to all requests from customers internally and externally
  • Served as national IT liaison successfully leading two customer-critical  projects

Robust productivity improvements, inventory reduction, and financial performance:

  • Served and led national cost savings team designed to improve visibility and decrease unnecessary spend
  • Created and provided presentations to front line leaders on profit and loss management
  • Instrumental in centralizing work assignments by geography for employees
  • Improved processes and tracking involving fleet vehicles, supplies, and equipment
  • Set challenging yet attainable performance goals for all teams, utilized regular tracking to monitor and publish  progress
  • Expected quarter over quarter performance improvements and set benchmarks, rewards in place for achievement
  • Set up regularly scheduled investigator workshops leading to productive discussions
  • Organized training by in-house quality assurance teams to provide guidance to employees