What Leadership Thought Of Me...

"Ryan is a results-oriented leader.  He has the ability to deliver tough messages without losing the trust and support of his team.  He is the type of leader that motivates his employees and is someone that they look to for guidance and direction.  Ryan uses the success of his team and leaders to measure his own success - a characteristic of a true leader.  He enhances and creates programs to which he is assigned and takes them to all new levels.  He is a team builder and an excellent judge of people.  Ryan is an asset to any organization." - Jen Mehall, Vice President, USIS

"Ryan is an exceptional, engaging leader who has the unique ability to drive top performance objectives by actively empowering his employees to be part of the solutions-oriented environment he creates.  He engenders respect from colleagues and superiors alike with his analytical, yet practical approach to the challenge at hand.  I had the pleasure of knowing Ryan in a number of capacities at USIS and the trust, resourcefulness, and value he demonstrated at every turn was unparalleled." - Doug Steele, Vice President, USIS

"Ryan is unquestionably an effective communicator and inspirational leader for his team.  He was amongst the top in district leadership, recognizing the needs of the field and those who reported to him directly.  Ryan demonstrated clear business acumen, an understanding of organizational goals and the drivers for success.  His collaborative leadership style and dedication to achievement makes him an asset to any organization." - Julia Alena, Regional Vice President, USIS

"His direct involvement with me came about with the support and enhancement of our automated case management system in which Ryan aided in driving the necessary cultural change (leading the way), and providing direct feedback.  It was his attention to detail along with firm understanding on the business processes that helped drive the success of the project and overall success of his district.  He is a solid leader, led by example, and got the job done." - Ed Hahn, Director, USIS

"Ryan was repeatedly called upon for additional projects beyond his everyday job duties due to his determination and ambition.  His notable management and leadership skills and ability to tackle high profile projects on a national scale was highly visible to his peers, subordinates, as well as executive staff.  Ryan's management, business, and operational experiences through the years are to be desired and would be highly valued in all his future endeavors." - Danielle Nast, Operations Manager, USIS

"Ryan's work ethic is unparalleled and his drive to be the best is something to be admired...he proved why he is in one of the few director positions within the organization." - Mike Logan, President, USIS