"Ryan was, hands down, the single biggest mentor and influence  during my 10-year tenure at USIS...Ryan was able to achieve significant performance improvements and gains for one of the most high-visibility regions in USIS...under his leadership, notable increases were seen across all KPI's (quality, timeliness and production)...laser analytical focus to data and numbers as well as personal preparation set Ryan apart from other regional directors.  Ryan genuinely cared about his direct reports and his 200 indirect reports as shown by his open door policy and routine travels to have face to face interaction with his employees.  Ryan allowed me to grow professionally and exposed me to high-level, cross functional special projects and roles...I admire Ryan's unwavering support of his own people.  Any organization would be lucky and should be proud to Ryan on their roster."- Freddie Pe, Team Leader, USIS

What My Team Members Thought Of Me...

"Ryan was not just a great leader of people, but a leader who also had fantastic understanding of numbers, processes, and statistics.  He was consistently thinking outside the box to look for new ways to assess and examine our work so that he could execute work strategies that provided excellent service and support to our customers and his employees.  He is a great "coach", capable of giving sound advice, constructive criticism, and praise in a timely manner.  I would consider myself lucky to have an opportunity to work with him again in the future!" - Kristen Gorman, Workload Leader, USIS

"Ryan was one of the driving forces behind numerous accomplishments in the business.  Ryan's extensive knowledge of the industry as well as his keen business acumen allowed him to understand what changes were needed...Ryan is a great communicator and helped his subordinates understand the 'why's' behind decisions.  Ryan's leadership style is firm but fair and he genuinely cared about all the individuals that reported to him.  Ryan reached out regularly to his employees and had a great rapport with them.  He had an impeccable reputation throughout the company and was a forward thinker who evoked positive changes.  Ryan made sure his managers were aware of their expectations and he worked tirelessly to help them reach their goals.  His open door policy and dedication to the job made him one of the best supervisors I have ever had.  I recommend Ryan without any reservations as he is dedicated, driven, and the consummate professional." - Tamar Berkowitz, Team Leader, USIS

"I have benefited from Ryan's unselfish approach to problem recognition and resolution on several occasions.  Ryan is a proactive leader by example, always demonstrating the perfect combination of technical, personal, and ethical expertise.  I was most impressed with Ryan's analytical ability to turn raw statistics into useable data that increased production and certainly revenue.  I would recommend Ryan for an upper level management position without hesitation or reservation." - Ed Smith, Investigator, USIS

"Ryan consistently demonstrated a strong degree of business awareness and acumen.  He truly could relate the needs of his team members and the business to the demands of the customer.  His uncanny ability to understand this dynamic challenge enabled Ryan to consistently align performance on his team to successful delivery of our products and services to the customers, consistently exceeding expectations.  Ryan is an effective communicator and inspirational leader.  He would be an asset to any organization's leadership team." - Ryan James, Vice President, USIS

"I was always impressed with Ryan's analytical ability, problem solving skills, business acumen, and his talent for leading people.  He is able to see the big picture and immediately begin formulating a strategy based upon business needs.  His uncanny ability to quickly analyze all facets of the situation and execute on strategy made my job easy.  He is a long-term thinker who is able to get short-term results, most likely because he has 100% commitment from the people who work for him.  Any company who has Ryan Jefferson as an employees has instantly added value to the organization." - David Ball, Operations Manager, USIS

"As a supervisor, Ryan took the initiative to get to know and understand each of his team members.  Ryan led by example and with integrity and honesty.  I only wish more people in the role of superior were like Ryan.  It was an absolute pleasure to call Ryan a colleague and supervisor."- Brian Patrick, Investigator, USIS

"I was part of the Human Resources/Organizational Development team and had the pleasure to work with Ryan on several occasions.  His attention and focus on his employees was always foremost and evident.  I truly believe that is why he was successful as a manager." - Dina Sainato-Meneely, HR Professional, USIS